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We checked the statistics of coronavirus tests performed and collected the latest data from dozens of countries in which the pandemic is currently raging.


Most tests up to March 21 were done in Spain - 355,000. In Poland, by March 24, over 21,000 samples were tested, we have 1085 infected (data as of March 26 at 12h00).

 A list of all data sources is provided at the bottom of the article, these are mainly government pages, official medical service announcements and media news.

During Tuesday's press conference on new movement restrictions, the Minister of Health Łukasz Szumowski also gave some information about coronavirus tests. 100,000 tests were distributed across laboratories throughout the country and 3,000 samples are tested daily.

Rapid test results are being re-verified in infectious disease hospitals because there is no guarantee that the results are reliable.

Hundreds of thousands of tests are contracted. There will be plenty of tests"- said the Minister of Health.

Considering the number of tests performed per million inhabitants, Iceland is the leader.

There have already been 468,000 COVID-19 cases worldwide.  It took 67 days to get from patient zero to 100,000 cases. Another 100,000 infections arrived in 11 days, and then four days later there were 100,000 more infected. Pandemic speeds up, WHO warns.

According to its experts, there is only one way to limit the spread of the virus - isolating patients, quarantine for all those who have had close contact with the infected, and above all else widespread testing of everyone who can be infected.

 We checked how many tests were carried out per million inhabitants in individual countries. Iceland is the leader, where over 10,000 samples were tested, which gives 28,000 tests per million inhabitants. 11,000 samples per million inhabitants were tested in Norway, and 7500 in Spain.

Poland is at the bottom of this ranking, with less than 600 samples per million inhabitants examined

The Government argues that the number of tests is sufficient. Pro-government ‚public TV „News” support this narrative: during the weekend they broadcasted graphics that show that many more tests are being carried out in Poland than in the US or France (per million inhabitants). It has to be noted that two countries selected for the comparison are larger than Poland, and the data on the total number of tests carried out in these countries is not available.

We also compared the number of tests performed to the number of infected, we took into account the same day for both indicators. Note - the axes on the graph are logarithmic.

Data Sources

after pointing to the name of the country on our infographic you will be redirected to official documents or press articles which were the source of our data.

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